Moksha: A Fun And Unique Yoga Game For iPads

Moksha is a new iPad game themed on Yoga. The objective of the game..

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Vegetarian Recipes
April 20

Bean And Mushroom Open Vegetarian Lasagne

Making lasagne doesn't have to be complicated. It is possible to make a nice fresh dish without lots of fatty cheese or cheese sauces. Here's how to make a healthy vegetarian lasagne for two.

Vegetarian Recipes
Wellbeing & Lifestyle
Wellbeing & Lifestyle
Health Tips
Vegetarian Recipes
March 10

10 Yoga Retreats for Adventure Addicts

A yoga retreat isn’t all about the poses – it can be an adventure-packed holiday that can teach you to listen to your body and get in touch with your inner self. The team at has put together a list of adventure yoga retreats that will inspire you to take the bull by its horns and finally surrender to your senses.

Health Tips
February 27

Yoga Taboos You Should Break

We need to take a second look on that ancient system of techniques and reveal some of the main beliefs that stand in the way of a lot of people, making them doubt if yoga is right for them.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle